Financial Toolkit- Student Loan Repayment Worksheet

We all know financial goal is an intention we plan to save or plan our expenditure. The only way it differs form any other goal is that it is expressed completely based upon money. It varies from person to person for instances retirement planning, debt reduction, credit improvement etc.

Writing your financial goals is essential. Written goals bring transparency to your financial situation and make you focus. By reviewing your goals throughout year, you will be definitely able to secure your future. A goal in written is a powerful to reminder that you can track to achieve greater success in your financial life.

Here is a simple Student Budget Worksheet that anyone can create  in excel.


It is always advised you should take the least amount of debt possible so that you can start replaying for the student loan as soon as you get your graduation. Higher debt amount may impact on your credit score.  So is it worth paying it off early? Again your money grows with investments. It will be wise not put all your money towards debt payments. Like many experts I recommend debt payments should be under 10% of your total monthly income.

Student Loan Repayment

You can find many other tools online both for free and paid. In my next post I will surely update you a review on the products.