Student Loan

Financial Toolkit- Student Loan Repayment Worksheet

student loan repayment plans

We all know that a financial goal is an intention we plan to save or plan our expenditure. The only way it differs from any other goal is that it is expressed completely based upon money. It varies from person ...

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The Dangers of Parent College Loan

College costs are high, and students often find that their grant and loan money doesn’t go far enough.  So many parents take out PLUS loans to make up the difference.  At the time it seems like a good investment in ...

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Understanding How Student Loan Debt Affects Your Credit Score

Student Credit Score

Are you aware of the adverse impact of student loan on your credit score? The peculiarity of student loan is that it scores down your credit point though you have not defaulted on payment and just obtained the fund. The ...

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What Should You Know About Student Loan Deferments?

Financial Tips For New College Students

Student loans are often the first type of debt that many people take on. They are also next to impossible to eliminate during a bankruptcy, so they have the potential to follow a person for the rest of their lives ...

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