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How To Bounce Back From A Holiday Overspending

Holiday Overspending

Right at the beginning of a new year, post all the celebrations, you realise how excessively you’ve spent during the holidays. It is definitely that time of the year where one finds out the precise size of their splurge when ...

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Five Must Buy Forms of Insurance

Insurance tips

The world of insurance simply cannot stop inventing new or recreating enhanced versions of insurance. But there are select few forms of insurance that most middle class Americans should consider and own. Yes, you can save money by avoiding some ...

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Defying the Odds of Spending So Much While Killing with Romance

“No romance without finance, guys!” My Climatology lecturer made it a point to remind us in class every time he could.  Maybe he was always reminded of young love and how flaming it looked on the outside whenever he saw ...

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7 Shortcuts for a Simple Retirement Plan in Record Time

Save for Retirement

Smart professionals often do two things very well: First, they identify investment opportunities that can get them quick and fruitful results, early in their careers. Second, they carefully invest in a lucrative and risk-free pension plans to ensure a happy and stress-free ...

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Have One Less Thing to Worry These School Holidays and Keep Your Frequent Flyer Points in Check


If you have a lot of flyer points but you don’t know how to use them, you have come to the right place. Some of the most seasoned business owners and travelers collect points on their credit card just so ...

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